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Phoenix Lectures

I can say that I absolutely got every win possible from the Pheonix lectures because of Jerry’s expansive full understanding of the material.

I had tried twice before with other tutors but just could not get through the paradigm shift of our normal way of viewing the MEST universe to a full understanding of how a thetan exists and operates.

So many long-standing questions were answered. I was completely amazed at Jerry’s intricate understanding of a subject so deep and profound.

To me, the Pheonix Lectures are like a delicious dessert. I took it slowly bite by bite and fully digested the information before moving on.

I could have not had the full conceptual understanding of this amazing lecture series without Jerry.

Many thanks to him for helping me through these lectures.

                                                                                                                                                                                        D.K - September 2019

Level 0

Level 0

I finished Class 0! 

Ever since I came into Scientology I wanted to learn and understand the tech. This course gave me the basic understanding of auditing that I wanted to know. 

There are so many wins, realizations, light bulb moments, and cognitions that I experienced throughout the course as I signed off on each line of my check sheet. I understand how the emeter operates and can use one. I understand the communication cycle and the auditing communication cycle and I’m using it everyday. I get what the rudiments are and how to run them. I know what goes on in the pc’s mind when they’re searching for an answer and the basic mechanics behind it as well as what the auditor is doing while directing the pc. It all makes sense now!

I never quite understood the specifics of auditing exactly even though I’ve been in Scientology as a pc for decades. More specifically, I didn’t know what was happening behind the scenes, in my mind, and what the auditor was doing over there on the meter. I was always so curious to know and now I do.

I have a deeper understanding of everything that goes into a session. I even feel more confident in session as a Pc because I know what is required of me and what’s happening during it. I always wondered am I doing this right, am I answering the questions correctly, am I doing what my auditor is asking of me, is it working. Now I know. Before I just held the cans and waited for the auditor to… fix me. 

This is a major milestone for me in Scientology. It’s a pivotal moment in that I now have the confidence to continue this journey successfully with more advanced auditor training in the future since I have a strong foundation to work with. I already have three Pc’s that I’m going to do ARC-SW and Grade 0 on. It’s all very exciting!

LRH’s genius shines through in listening to the lectures and reading the HCOBs of this level. Thank you LRH. Thank you Trey for your friendship, for participating in my spiritual growth and being a stable source in the Freezone for me and so much more that its too much to write. Thank you Jerry for making it possible for me to reach the end of this level successfully for I truly would not have completed it if it wasn’t for your help. Thank you for your time. Thank you for helping me clear all my MUs! Thank you for wanting to see me succeed and believing that I can understand the tech even in the face of me saying I can’t. I love you. Thank you Sue for your MU clearing strategies they helped me get through this course. 

I’m not sure if it’s ok to call myself a real auditor because it’s only Class 0 but even still, I’m going to hold this title with all the honor that comes with it as indicated by LRH because I can appreciate and understand what it takes to make an auditor and the value they bring to people’s lives. 

I always wanted to help people this way and now I can! That makes me so happy. 

I love everyone right now that’s keeping Scientology working. Every bit counts.

Dan - March 2020

Student Hat

Student Hat

I was so stuck as a student and you've helped me understand LRH which I never thought I would.


Before meeting you my dreams of becoming an auditor died in the depths of MUs and lack of study tech. I thought all I had to do was clear words but the student hat showed me there is way more going on than just the basic study barriers. For example understanding duplication and applying it correctly changed so much for me. Before I would hear the words but my own mechanisms would throw me off into questioning what I'm reading, getting into a trying to understand, getting thrown off by my own Q & As that I would never duplicate the tech and it slowed me down significantly.


I learned so much from this course and I truly feel much faster, able to read LRH on my own much better then ever before and confident that I can study any Scientology material and apply it.


If you asked me that one day my study case would be cracked I wouldn't have believed it. It took this kind of one on one coaching from you to get me to this place. I can't thank you enough. I feel ready to tackle my levels and upper bridge work now without fear. I'm grateful for you and to every Scientologist that has contributed to my life including Trey for if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have met Jerry and wouldn't have reached my Scientology goals with both your help.


When I first got into Scientology over 20 years ago I had two goals only that was to go Clear and to do the Student Hat so that I can be a fast flow student in University. Today I've reached both those goals and going back to university to finish my degree.


I know it's only the student hat but just the fact that I attained a life goal for me is a big win for me. The student hat was daunting but I did it and now the idea that I can read anything comfortably has changed my entire outlook on reading. That there was worth the adventure alone.


Thank you to LRH for creating this incredible technology. I'm excited to start studying Scientology now. 


DF - September 2022

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