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"The best and fastest way to get better is to accept and confront the worst things about yourself and to be responsible enough to transform them into something positive." 

- Jerry Tunedal



Hi, I'm Jerry, a Swedish OT8 living in Panama.

I went to Los Angeles in 2017 to start my auditing with Trey Lotz and never looked back. After the first trip, I was Clear and had finished L11. Back home in Sweden again I trained with Randy Smith to do my solo OT levels. For the rest of my OT levels, I went back and forth from Sweden and Los Angeles. I finished OT 8 in February 2019, and by that time my own auditing and training practice was starting to look bright. 

I now live in a rainforest in Panama, auditing and training others over the internet, with Trey Lotz as the senior C/S.

Contact me on my email for a free Interview.



The auditing starts with a free interview to find out your situation and to create a program for the auditing. I can help you with any life problem or help you get up the...
1 hr
I will help you study and understand the technology. I can help you become an auditor or help you understand life better with this training. Training starts with a free ...
1 hr
A free interview for either auditing, training or C/Sing. In this interview my main focus will be on you. What you want to do, what you are having trouble with and what ...
Free Interview
1 hr
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