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Clear                                                                        29th of August 2017


For my entire life, I've had Clear as my main goal. In fact, ever since my previous lifetime, I've had Clear as my main goal.

The actual truth is that I've been searching for something like this for millions of years. It is the sole purpose of why I came to this planet. And to now write my success story and attest to Clear, to be what I have for so long wanted, is indescribable. 

I feel like I have had the victory of my time track and the best thing I feel I can do is to say, Thank you!

I thank myself for not giving up the idea of becoming free. There were so many ways I could have delayed or ignored the path, but I didn't. I made my decision and stuck to it. Thank you for this!

I also want to thank my father for his full support through this journey. If I can help someone in a similar way, I will. 

And thank you to my fantastic auditor, Trey Lotz, for being standard tech and for being so damn good at it. Not to mention the fact that you are delivering it at such speed and elegance. I've thanked you before but I will thank you again. Thank you!

I've had many wins during my Book 1 auditing. Although in such a short time as 8 days, I feel like I did it for millions of years because that is what I did. I went through and traveled through it, and in it, I found myself, my actual intentions and some history.

My best win has to be that I no longer worry about any ideas or thoughts that I have. Before, I used to stop them, look at them and evaluate them to make sure they purely came from me. A very tiring exercise which I no longer fell I have to do. Now I KNOW that they are all me, and nothing is there to stop them. 

It's a beautiful testament and feeling which I would wish upon every single person in this universe. 

I now look forward to future goals and games without hesitation and I will embrace them as they come in present time.

Thank you!

Jerry Tunedal

Solo Auditor's Course                                          28th of December 2017

Solo aud

I used to think that not knowing was sort of the beauty in it all. Because if I NOT KNOW something and still get it right, there must be some truth in it.


Interesting viewpoint huh?


The solo course was my first step, I would say, in actually fully understanding and knowing Scientology.

I credit much of this to going Clear and L11 with Trey Lotz. 

It was during that time when I realized the power of knowingness. 


Randy has been great. Can't stress that enough. He's been giving me everything I've asked for, answered all my questions and led me through the right path.


The greatest realization of the solo course to me was what studying can do for you. I have heard many say this but never really believed them. The amount of help TRUE studying does for you in life, is almost as astounding as auditing itself.


This all comes back to KNOW. Auditing gives you KNOW. True studying gives you KNOW.


I'm fascinated by my own dexterity, speed, and purpose doing this course. Not once have I stopped or hesitated in my studies. I'm very proud of what I have managed to do, understand and won on this course. And I'm sincerely grateful for all the support I've gotten from Randy. He is a super trainer! 


For any last words I would like to indicate the importance of the tech and in it the importance of your own goals, ethics and the listening to oneself.


The sole reason why this course has gone so well for me is just that. I listen to myself and therefore stay on the correct goal and in working on that goal I keep my ethics in. This might seem easy or hard depending on where you are. All I can say is that it gets easier the more you do it. And going Clear really... really... helps.. :)


Thank you, Ron, for all the wonderful work you have done. And for all the further tech and knowledge you have in store for me and the rest of this planet. The more I learn of you, the more impressed I am of what you have done. It is not many that I can say that about. But you Ron. You are a true hero!

Jerry Tunedal

OT 2                                                                        24th of January 2018

OT 2

Well... Here I am.. Already...


Looking back to when I started OT II, so many things have happened. I would break them down into two brackets.


The first one is CERTAINTY. Certainty of the meter, of myself, of what I was doing and what I had been doing. Certainty that it was working, certainty of what didn't work and certainty of why it didn't work.


When I had that, the next thing was CONFRONT. Quite natural actually. When having a certainty of workability, only then can one actually confront.


During the time of these sessions I've had things turn on and then turned off by the same thing, some things held on for days, some for seconds. But I always came through them by confronting. Nothing else.


And so fits the final part in perfectly. To feel that I was able to confront without anything turning on. Just a total confront. Nothing else.


And to the bitter truth, I had nothing else to do than to just confront! Haha :D


Bittersweet. Was so much fun doing OT II. Brilliant! But at the same time, there was nothing else to do here.


I now walk with my feet firmly on the ground, up and up, better and better, with the help of my friends, L. Ron. Hubbard, Randy Smith, And Trey Lotz. The crusaders of truth.


I have to emphasize the value of Randy to me during these last couple of months. An overflow of ARC to this man. He's been leading me right every second since he sent me the Solo Course files. A lovely man, and truly a hero on earth. Thank You!



And what is a success story without a thanks to Ron?

No words can describe what you have done. Thank You!





OT 3                                                                       23th of February 2018


I want to sum up the wins into one category: The Dynamics

I had so many huge wins with the dynamics I can barely count them. 


What happened on OT III was that I was totally released on all the dynamics.

I had been stuck on the 1st dynamic and had not really understood or lived the other dynamics before OT III.

I felt like I could, for once, actually cause some big effects on ALL of the dynamics WITHOUT TROUBLE, not just on the 1st.

It's like something I talked to my father about some days ago. 

It's hard to go back caring about what other people think of you, when you have passed the line of not caring. You no longer see why it ever would be a good idea to go back. 

I have done the same thing about the dynamics. I have passed the line. 

So why would I go back to be interior of the body if the body itself is such a small part of life? 

I don't see a reason anymore.


Now there is a big difference between having the tech be yours, and having read it. 

I have realized this by experiencing it myself, time and time again.


During my 5-day persistent F/N, I started to get interested in the Conditions Formula, and the Awareness Characteristics.

Didn't think much of it then, but I have now realized that I became interested because I now felt capable of applying it. 

I could now do whatever I want on them. Before I was locked into the 1st, unwilling and unknowingly.


Other wins of more space, more awareness, less strain, etc. etc, although they all deserve their own medals and prizes, are still in my opinion bound up into the category of Dynamics.

I have therefore decided to let them share one big cake. Strawberry maybe.


I've had a lot of fun on this trip. Looking forward to the even bigger guns of high OTs and L10.


And as usual I would like to thank my fellow Truth-crusaders, Randy Smith, for excellent C/Sing and coaching. Trey Lotz for all the ARC and for being such an incredibly good example and auditor. And of course the one and only L. Ron Hubbard. 

To develop and find a way through this, is nothing but a miracle.


Thank You!

OT 5                                                                             12th of July 2018


This level was amazing. Unexpectedly so. Some of the things on here blew me away. The genius of making this level and finding the things to run herein is nothing short of incredible.


I'm so very happy to have done it with Trey. He did an amazing job, every session was pure joy. 


The big wins for me on OT5 are related to power and freedom.

I have gained a big amount of power in life. Power of choice and capability of causing bigger effects. 

Freedom in life, in which I can go and look at things without being pushed away or shrugged by things that might still interest me.


It is a different viewpoint. Anything causing me to look away makes me interested in it rather than following this strange idea of having to look away.


I still feel like this is just the start of a great race, where the big goal is OT7. But OT5 is in itself an incredible level, worthy of celebrations in plenty.


Thank you Ron and thank you Trey. The crusaders of truth! :)

OT 6                                                                             15th of July 2018


Knowledge and understanding is power. Knowledge and understanding will give power to be cause over things and so OT6 has given me power and freedom to be cause.


Yesterday I had a big win on my space being so clean and filled with ARC. Not only this but this was a causative clean and ARC-filled space. I made it that way, which was the only reason it was and still is. I can also make the space enturbulated and confused if I so wish. This is Power.


The power to be in control and cause of one's own space and so being capable of affecting other peoples space with ARC. 


Although I have done a lot recently on the bridge I want to credit a big part of this on OT6. 


It is really the knowledge and understanding that makes this causativeness possible. Without it, one can't possibly understand it and so won't be able to affect it at will. 


Thank you Randy for your continued support and for our lovely talks. I really enjoy them more and more as we move along. 


Also really good job on the APIS guys for the compiling of the tech, so workable and smooth. Great job!


And of course to Ron. My hat is off, incredible work. 


That is it then, see you on the other side of 7.

OT 7                                                                          7th of January 2019


So many things have happened since I started OT7.

I find that pretty much everything that has happened since I started OT7 has been affected by the auditing. The wins are so widespread that it encompasses pretty much anything in life. 


My power of choice has been regained to a level of which I did not think was possible. My sense of power has been brought up to a point where I can handle things in my life that I before wouldn't even think about handling or doing. Now I just simply look at it and poof, there it goes. Gone. Handled.

So effortless and beautiful at the same time, so much so that I at times wonder why there even was a problem there in the first place. 


It is incredible how fast things have changed from being unable to be beyond able.


One of the most surprising wins I had was that I no longer think with pictures. There's no need for pictures to think. Now I just simply think. It's pretty strange. Before I was clear, I used to think with words. I had a feeling one could think without words and be much faster that way. Many times I felt so slow because I was thinking one word at a time. I wanted that fixed and it did, when I was clear.

I didn't even think that it was possible to think without pictures too. It was beyond me that one could think without pictures. Impossible, no? No, not at all.  

I can, of course, still create pictures as I wish, but I do not need them to think, which is the big difference. I'm actually more capable now that I ever was at creating pictures and scenes, knowingly. 


I could state an endless amount of wins. Times I've laughed, been scared, hopeless but gone through it to some incredible happiness I have yet to experience anywhere else than in auditing. They all amount into one big win which is the regaining of my ability to cause what I want in life.


Big statements on a little tiny bit of paper on a little planet. The things I speak of go beyond time and space. It's unbelievable that stuff that has been with me for more than millions of years, are no longer be present. But here we are and gone it is.


I look forward to the future, to future games and new freedoms. I believe now, that life will be more fun and interesting than ever before.


Thank you,


Jerry Tunedal

OT 8 Step 1                                                             16th of January 2019

OT 8 Step1

With the first step of OT8, I regained the ability to not have my attention stuck on anything. Everything that I have my attention on is what I am causing or creating on. 

This scared me at first. What if I got bored with the things I care about? Will I lose them? They sure were gone for me when I wasn't creating on them.


There are times, for example, when I brush my teeth and there is nothing else than brushing teeth in my universe or attention. Seems strange right? Shouldn't I constantly be busy with flying thoughts all over the place? Well, that's not the case anymore. And I tell you, it's actually pretty nice. :)


Before doing OT8 I did not have to knowingly create to have my attention on things in my environment, but now I feel so empty, and I realized the problem for me was that I simply wasn't knowingly creating with the attention I used to have stuck on things. The stuck attention was no longer stuck and was just hovering, or so it seemed in emptiness. I simply wasn't creating enough. As soon as I started to create more knowingly again, the fear came off. 

I would describe it with the analogy of having money. Money=attention/attention unit. You have some just laying around, shouldn't you invest it into something? Or you dig up loads of money you didn't know was yours. What would you do with it?

To knowingly invest can be fun, but sometimes it's nice to just let the money sit there and know that it's yours and that you can do whatever you want with it. 


I also realized why I decided to get my attention stuck on miscellaneous things. Games become harder and more interesting, it seems, if I let go of all my abilities and free attention. It sure got harder, but so much less fun. I have come to realize that I, now that I've had the experience of both, can choose what way I want to handle things. 

And I have chosen the path of freedom.

OT 8                                                                       23rd of February 2019


The wins I’ve had on this level were beyond anything I imagined. I initially had some ideas of what I would gain, what possible changes that would happen, but it soon became clear to me that I was wrong.


It’s funny, how can I predict what I will understand in the future, that I now don't understand? I didn’t realize that just the fact that I thought I understood what I would come to understand is a false idea. If I would understand now what I would later understand, I would understand it now, wouldn’t I? So there is no way I could know what I will understand before I understand it.

I apologize for that paragraph. I don’t know how to explain that in an easier way at the moment.


Before doing OT8, I believed that I had very little left to improve within myself. After OT8 I see it in another way. The more I improve, the more potential improvement I see within myself.

I now feel like I’m capable of seeing the areas in which I can improve and improve them, rather than blaming something else.

It is an amazing feeling to realize that there is no end to improvement. Even in the things I believed myself to be spectacular at. Haha, …there is no end.

That may seem discouraging to some, I understand that. I felt it myself at times.

But the thing called life is not meant to have a top, nor a bottom. Take a mathematical example. You can write an almost endless amount of zeros and have an almost infinite amount of zeros, but… you can always put another zero down. One more zero… And so, you can always improve, one step at a time.

This cog may be mixed with my studies while I was doing OT8. Either way, they both were a benefit in reaching this level of understanding.


I now perceive an incredible beauty, no effort and a sense of everything being just okay the way they are in everything around me. My sense of what is wrong or right has changed.

The deepest understanding of right and wrong I realized was that nobody is absolutely wrong, and nobody is absolutely right. There is no such thing.

I have found that if I just try to look at how some people are right in the things they do, I can find something I can understand in it. I would before just disregard it, and say, “They are wrong!”  and move on. The amount of understanding and love for life I have gained in finding beauty and understanding in things I before believed were absolutely wrong has already blown me away.


I’m looking forward to life more than I did before. There are avenues I didn’t think to look into that are now wide-open with happiness and understandings I’m now open to see.


I usually thank Ron and Trey for the help they have given me in this. It brings tears to my eyes to look back and see how much both of them have helped me and other people on this planet. Magnificent men, both of them.

This time I want to include a thank you to everyone that is working towards a better world, no matter how you choose to manifest it. People at Trey’s house, outside of it and over the internet. I really appreciate what you do.


Thank you all,


Jerry Tunedal

Data Series Evaluator's Course                                  2nd of April 2019

Data series

This course has been the most thorough course I have ever done. I did the right thing in making it the most thorough because it is probably the most useful course I will ever do. The course is basically meant to be useful in every part of life. I believe it was made to be useful and nothing else but. It finally revealed to me what logic and its counterpart illogic is and how I can use them to my own and others benefit.

It showed me the lack of boundaries of what is possible in this world, it showed me that my dreams were, in fact, reachable and that life could go beyond any of those dreams. It has demonstrated to me that life can be simple, yet interesting. That anything can be changed drastically to the better without much effort.


There is really no telling of what this course will change in my life. I know how much it has changed me already. It has changed my perspective on so many things that I before thought was really difficult to unravel and understand. Not only did he describe them. He also showed a way of how to use every single piece of material in it to benefit life and living. I would never expect from anyone to create something like that. It would be foolish to expect something like that from anyone. Yet, here it is. In its beauty.


If I would give a piece of advice to anyone doing this course, it would be to do the course
thoroughly. It will benefit your life in a way you never expected it to if you do. If you do a
half-assed job, I’m not sure it would be useful to you at all. And I’m not sure why one would do
this course, but not use it.

Thank you, Trey, for recommending it to me. It has been, like all of your other recommendations, beyond what I could imagine. What you have done for me, my life and my surroundings is something I would never expect from anyone. Yet, you have, and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Thank you, Ron, for creating this tech. It was a pleasure reading and applying it, and I will carry it with me wherever I go.

Jerry Tunedal

Level 3                                                                      9th of October 2019

Level 3

I haven't written any previous success stories on my other Levels.

I used to wonder why that was, but I think in doing this level that I understand better why that was the case. 

I've had a very strong feeling that I was an auditor in my last lifetime. Most of my studies never really felt like I was learning something new. It felt more like I was relearning. Imagine writing a success story of something you felt you already knew but had just forgotten for a little while. Wouldn't be that great of a success story now would it? Haha! To me, it is more like a little bit of an embarrassment of having to restudy this stuff, whereas I felt like I should have just known it all fully without any need to restudy. Not saying I felt bad about it, but I think that explains the way I see it a little better. 

I still feel like I'm restudying, honestly. But there was a lot more improvement I found in my ability to audit doing this level. There was definitely stuff I did not fully understand in this level last lifetime. Uncovering those this time and getting it felt really great. So I honestly feel with this Level that I got something that I did not have before. I learned something new, in a new way, new fullness. I am very happy about that.

I want to give a lot of credit to the other Levels too now that I am writing about successes with the Levels. They are really amazing levels. They have given me a lot in life and in auditing. 

I am thankful they are still here to be studied so that I could get back to them and become the auditor I always wanted to be.

It does feel like an intermediate step though. I will probably go on with Level 4 today. But I will take this time to celebrate the Levels and my accomplishments with them this last year or 2. 

Thanks, Ron and everybody that helped him to develop the tech. My way of honoring you is by applying it to the people that want and need it. I know that is what you all wanted.

Jerry Tunedal

Level 4

Level 4                                                                  11th of November 2019

​"I did it!
Level 4! I feel like I am at the top of the bottom :)

I feel in finishing Level 4 that I am setting foot on the real mountain called Scientology. Learning about Class 5 and Grad 5 I started to see how big this thing called Scientology really is. Not to talk about the SHSBC (Saint Hill Special Briefing Course/Class 6). 
To do these levels used to be so far away from me doing them that I never really saw or considered how big they were and how much of a task it is to do them.

It's like becoming an olympian. At least that is what it seems like to me now. 
The task up ahead is one not many take, and to know that I am about to take it on, gives me butterflies.

Level 4 was my fastest level so far. It took me a month from start to finish. I think it has probably been the most fun too. It makes sense that those two things would go together, having fun and doing things fast. 

The biggest win I had on this level was reading the HCOB about Right and Wrong. It's called "You can be right". It changed my perspective on how one can support people, even when they are defensive about their rightness. It showed me some of my damaging actions in the past, but also showed me how to change those to be supporting and helpful again. It also showed me how and why I have felt attacked on certain things. It is simple, but usually the simple things are the best. Another big win was about understanding the Service Facsimile. I will probably see a lot more ways that technology can be applied in life.

I am now looking forward to Level 5. And then Grad 5. Thoughts on doing SHSBC are creeping up in my mind. It wouldn't surprise me if I decided to start it up at the end of Grad 5. 
I hope this inspires some people to study, learn and audit others.

The genuineness of LRH shines through again. Thank you for all you've done. 

And a big thank you to those who put these levels into PDF form. Without you, I would not have been able to do this."


Jerry Tunedal

Level 5

Level 5                                                                  25th of November 2019

A huge thanks to Randy for checking me out on this Level. Since I did this one so quickly It made a huge difference in my certainty of knowing the material in having his help. Actually, a big thanks to Randy for all of my Levels. To have someone, that has used this tech for so long, make sure you understand it makes a huge difference. Especially in certainty and trust in myself of knowing what I am doing and that I am doing it right. It's priceless what he is helping me with. Thank you. Thank you for helping me to be a self-sufficient auditor that will be able to continue to train and audit others on standard tech in the future.

I am so excited to have done this Level. I used to think that the more time spent on a level (whether spent studying or not) the better understanding of it. I used to think that idea seemed silly but never fully got past it. I think I probably had a mild version of this, but still, it affected me. I feel on Level 4 something happened to me where I just shifted the whole idea. Level 4 was by far my fastest Level. And now Level 5 only took me two weeks. Half the time of Level 4. And the funny thing is, I know that I know this Level well. Probably better than all the other ones. I am really happy to be rid of that idea. 

This Level showed me how much there is in Scientology and Dianetics that can help people. With anything, really. It is all there, ready to be used and applied to help people. Yet so few do use it. I want to be one of the ones that do, and I want to be one of the ones who help more people do it. It is all here for us. All we need to do is just get it. 

If there is anything I want to share it is Joy. Joy for life, Joy for learning and Joy for Scientology. I wish for everyone to have the gains I have had, and for everyone to have the understanding I have gotten. This is a very happy moment in life for me. Thank you for being a part of it.

Much Love

Jerry Tunedal


L12                                                                              5th of March 2020

L12 has been super!


The first major win I had was the regained ability of pulling myself out of identities and valances at will. Kind of like taking off a T-shirt. Only in this case, I am the T-shirt. 

It was a nice win for me. I hadn't really even considered doing it that way.

I had done similar things before L12, but this was in a very different way. 


The other win I had was seeing how much I have improved already. I got to see how clean and easy this level is when it is well prepared for. Since I did a good job on my OT levels this level went quick and easy. I could imagine it taking way longer and with more of a struggle if I did it before being OT8. So the other win was being happy with myself of what I had done before this, and getting more confirmation on what a good job I have done on previous levels. 


Another great win was the release of an identity related to being a great guy. All my life, and long before that I have had the constant struggle of trying to be a great guy. I’ve done everything through this identity, thought processes, etc. Everything to be a great guy.

And in the session, I saw that the only one who had ever done anything through this great guy was me. The whole idea that the identity was doing something for me was just a blatant lie. It was just a sitting identity. Kind of like a car. You drive your car, it doesn't drive you. And if you don’t drive it, it won’t do anything. It’s just a thing, sitting long enough in the same place you may not even know it can be driven.

Seeing that I had been doing it all along made me realize that it was just a wasted effort and motion to do anything through this identity of being a great guy. At that point I realized, I don’t need a car to be myself. So I chucked it. 


For so many years I have crippled myself because of my own ideas of what a great guy should, could or would do. And because of those ideas I have not done it the way I wanted to. I feel now that I can do things the way I want to do them, on a whole new level.


The last thing that I want to mention is that it was a true pleasure to see Trey in action again. I see why he enjoys delivering these L's. He's so good at it, so smooth and such a wonderful auditor. Every single session was great. I appreciate getting to observe and learn from your expertise and experience. 


Thank you for all you have done for me, I would not be here doing what I am doing if it wasn't for you. You're the best Trey. Love you!


Jerry Tunedal

Class 5 Graduate Course                                         14th of August 2020

Grad 5

Before starting this course I was a bit intimidated by its size. It was 3 times bigger than anything I had ever done before. But, I just started and moved on it slowly but surely while keeping my auditing practice up. I'm very happy with that decision.

I've gotten quite a lot from this course, but I mainly want to stress one point. And that is the confront level of study. 

My level of confront on study has grown so immensely during this course that I am kind of blown away by it, to be honest. 

I was never deterred by the amount of study to be done, and the more I studied the more I could see myself doing the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. Towards the end, the SHSBC seemed to be the only logical choice and I had not an inch of doubt or discouragement in my space about it. As I said, my level of confront on study grew immensely. 

There were many great things about this course that I will take with me for the rest of my existence. But I do find it funny that the main thing I feel like I got from it was the ability to do the next step, the SHSBC. I've found that to be very true in auditing, but it has never quite been that way for me in study before, very cool. 

So you probably wont hear of a success story from me in a while. The SHSBC is big, very big. It may take me a couple of years but I know that I will finish it. And when I do, you will be the first to know :)

Thank you for all your support. It's been incredible the amount of support I have gotten from everyone. No blocks, no ridges. It's been great!


Thank you!

Jerry Tunedal


FPRD Auditor's Course                                       19th of September 2021

I started this course as the need for the Rundown appeared while I was on SHSBC. I finished this course very quickly but found a lot of value in it. I especially like the certainty I have now in the ability to find and fully handle any person's evil intentions or strange purposes. 

I like that the rundown confirms a lot of prior tech but at the same time creates a very solid foundation for an exact path to help people out of weird and stuck old purposes and intentions. It all makes sense and seems simple when it is put down the way it is in the course. 

Imagine what the world would look like if everyone did this rundown.



I look forward to delivering it soon.

Jerry Tunedal

HACS Class 9 Course                                              28th November 2022


This course was great! It was such a pleasure reading the OT5 materials again. 

I feel like I'm getting to the point in my training and  auditing where I can see that simplicity is king. 

I see how the very simple processes are usually the most powerful. 

Around very skilled auditors, things always seem very simple. Life seems easy, auditing seems easy. 

What I got most from this course was just that, simplicity is king. 


I would like to thank Randy for his continued help in making sure I understand the material. 

It brings me a lot of joy knowing that I will be delivering this wonderful level to lots of people in the future. 


Much love,


Jerry Tunedal

Grad 5 CS Course and CS series                                  31 January 2024

Grad 5

Now that I have done the Grad 5 CS course and read the CS series HCOBs I really feel like a fully fledged CS. 
I feel super confident in all the things I've read and in my ability to apply what I've learned. 

My biggest win on this completion is the sheer amount of certainty I have with what I have studied. It's unlike anything I have studied before. The amount of certainty and clarity of understanding has been so high throughout my studies. I think it might have to do with the fact that I have been auditing so much that the CS tech just comes naturally to me. Regardless where it comes from I am very happy about it.

I'm really excited to be at this point and I look forward to continuing to apply this knowledge for the rest of my life :)

Thank you!

Jerry Tunedal

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